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August 2021 Update from DCM

“I chose to get vaccinated because...”


DCM director Stephen led the way and was the first member of team DCM to get vaccinated.

“I chose to get vaccinated to not only protect myself and my whānau but also to protect my community and those I interact with on a daily basis. As a middle-aged Māori, I also recognise that we have an increased risk of infection, hospitalisation and death. Therefore if my choice to be vaccinated results in more health resources available for others in need...Tu meke!!!”

Some of our kaimahi received their vaccine at DCM – to inspire taumai* to get their vaccine too.

Delena (Mama Dee) is a member of team DCM who heads out to community centres as part of DCM’s community connections mahi:

“I chose to get vaccinated in order to become a safer member of my community – I did it for my whānau, my colleagues at DCM, and the wider community.”

Fiona is one of DCM’s kaiawhina (peer support workers). She received her vaccine here at DCM alongside taumai.

“I chose to be vaccinated because I care about our whānau – both those we support here in this special community which is DCM, and my whānau down south.

It was in the back of my mind for a while, but being able to get the vaccine here at DCM – well, it was a no-brainer.”

Manu was the first of many taumai to receive the COVID vaccine at DCM.

“Why did I choose to get vaccinated? I have been coming to DCM for 16 years. It takes 10 years to get to know me! But now I feel comfortable here because I know you all, and you know me. And I was reminded of a verse – ‘Evening passed and morning came’. We have all been through some tough times, but now there is something we can do for ourselves and for others.”

Nicole was also one of the first to line up for a vaccine at DCM.

“I chose to get vaccinated because I’m pregnant and I want to protect my baby.”


Some taumai shared beautiful reflections with us. One man told us:

“I know that my ancestors have got my back. I just imagined, ‘what if I got COVID and took it back to my marae?’ I couldn’t face my ancestors... So I looked up to the sky and thought, ‘we got this’.”

*We call the people we work with taumai, meaning to settle. This reflects the journey we set out on together – become settled, stable and well.



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